Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow day like today to catch up on the blog

We have had more snow this season than any year since we've lived here!! Yesterday (Sunday) we weren't able to go to church due to icy road conditions in the morning, so I began to try and catch my blog up. (I can trace the moment I fell behind in posting on here to when I joined facebook!) Last night the freezing rain turned to snow and by this morning there were 4 new inches on the ground with more predicted to fall throughout this week.  All activities have been canceled today, and I am going to try and continue to get my blog all caught up. Yeah for snow days.   

   The view out my back porch this afternoon.  

Another backyard view

No Fun Snow Fun day for Noah today. Noah came down with a fever and is now stuck on the couch with the puppies keeping him warm. And YES, that is a purple Minnesota Vikings blanket he is covered in, thank you. 

***UPDATE!  January 26th, 2010 Over the last 3 days (January 24th - January 26th, 2010) I completed FORTY SEVEN posts to catch this blog up.  CRAZY!  This post might just seem out of context if someone actually does look at my little ramblings because the blog is now OFFICIALLY caught up... FORTY-SEVEN posts and 28 pots of REALLY STRONG coffee later
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