Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We had some friends (Terrie and Hannah) visiting us from the states.  Terrie went with us to Kusel to spend New Years with the Briggs family.  Our daughter's (Sarah, Hannah, and Hannah) all stayed in our village to spend New Years together at our house.   The kids have had our New Years planned for MONTHS - we were going to watch ALL SIX star wars movies and eat junk food all night long.  Well, by the time we got over to their house there was only time for 2 movies, but we still had tons of junk food and fun!  Some of the girls, bored with Star Wars (GASP!) played a rousing game of Phase 10.  Finally it was time to head on down to the field and light off some fireworks as well as watch all the ones going off around us.  After everything was lit we came back inside for a quick grape juice toast to the New Year and then we went home to bed!

Michelle and Krissie went with an "all snack food" menu for the evenings festivities.  Here is the yummy spread.  There was lots more as the night went on and the kids were in HEAVEN with all their favorite yummies.  The Dads thought it was pretty cool, too.

playing games and waiting for midnight.  I asked Rob to take a couple of shots for me so I could document the whole experience and THIS is the picture he took of me.  Thanks Rob, that's very, very nice!

The kids all bundled up in their coats with their noisemakers ready to walk down to the field and light off their fireworks!

Krissie, Terrie, and Michelle all bundled up watching the fireworks

Noah helps Daddy light a firework.  This is the first time Noah has been allowed to light one.

The firework Noah got to light (the one on the ground) and a couple shots of fireworks going off in Kusel.

The four girls hanging out for New Years.  They look mad in the picture because people were lighting fireworks off all around our house and scaring the girls and the puppy.
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