Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Make a Schnauzer Smile

A recipe for laughs that will last years to come:  Take Dog and Dog's Friend (we are dog-watching our friend's dog) up hill on a sledding trip.  Let them off their leashes, and let the fun begin.

This is the best action shot I got - the dogs were chasing each other back up the sledding hill, as they're running toward me I could SWEAR that I saw them SMILING - look at that face!  Pure Puppy Joy.  Phantom is in the lead, and Tango close behind.
This is our friend's Dog, Tango.  He is just a little older than Phantom.  The dogs get along extremely well and have a great time, especially when they're outside.  Normally we can't let Tango off the leash, but the snow was so deep, and Tango is a bit of a dandy when it comes to high drifts - he will only walk in the paths made by the sled or other people's trails - so we let him off the leash and he and Phantom ran up and down the sledding hill chasing kids about 20 times.
Phantom is SO FUNNY in the snow... he will jump into any drift and just dive in, sometimes disappearing entirely.  He also loves burying his face in the snow sniffing anything he can find.  He was so covered in snow during today's trip that toward the end we actually had to stop and help him get snowballs off his face because the snow was so thick he couldn't see and he wouldn't walk any further.
Sarah coming down the hill on our way home - Phantom is sitting because he literally can not see past all the snow on his beard.  Tango is dutifully hopping through in Phantom's wake.
Once we came home it took a LONG time to get all the snow off those dogs!  De-snowed and FINALLY dried off they hopped up in the recliner that they've taken to sharing lately and crashed out.  I made them look for this picture, snapped it, and they both laid their heads back down as soon as they realized I wasn't anything fun.
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