Sunday, January 31, 2010

Church in our Jammies!

     Today we woke up to MORE snow!  In our area it was only about an inch and a half, but in other areas they had 4 or 5".  On top of the snow of the last few days, coupled with freezing temperatures and a salt shortage in Germany (I am not kidding, it made national news) it made driving conditions very hazardous.  I love that the announcement of being stranded at home with  family is one that is greeted with enthusiasm and excitement.  Sure, we were all sad not to get to go to church, especially since it was the second week in a row (last week we couldn't get out of our village because of the ice on the hill), but so excited at the prospect of spending the entire day together.   
     We took our time with breakfast and made yummy omelets.  After everyone was fed and sufficiently caffeinated we had "church" at home.  Noah led us in a couple of hymns that he can play on the piano and Dad led us in some scripture reading and prayer time. The boys thought it was pretty cool that they can now say they've attended church in their jammies.  
     After church we bundled up and headed out to enjoy the fresh snow and we were met by some much needed sun shine as well.  There is no way driving out of our village would have been possible so we're lucky to live within walking distance of some awesome sledding hills.  We spent about 2 hours traipsing up and zooming down a great hill.  After everyone was exhausted (including the dogs) we headed home for some much needed thawing out.  
     We spent the afternoon watching a movie ("Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"), playing a game (Phase 10 Twist), and hanging out (which can only mean Legos for the boys and chatting with her best friend for Sarah).  We had hot chocolate, popcorn w/ M&M's, and some healthful stuff (salad) just to be safe.
   Now the kids are snuggling up with their books, Rob is playing guitar, and I am dutifully keeping my blog up to date, my 2010 commitment, so far - so good, but it's only the first month!  Thanks for reading!

Rob got quite the work-out "helping" Micah get up the hills.  Micah did a lot of walking on his own, but I think Daddy felt bad for him after he started coughing unstoppably with this nasty cold that's been hanging on for weeks.
This is our sledding hill, it slopes down and then has a steep drop just out of sight in this picture.  Krissie is trudging back up the hill after going down with Micah.
The boys with our picturesque view in the background.  This is in our village, at the top of the hill looking toward Potzberg.
Noah rolling down the hill and generally being terribly silly in the snow.
Our kids (including Phantom), this was on our way home.
On our way down the hill I took this picture of the tiny section of our village called Albersbach.  Our house can be seen in the bottom right hand corner if you look carefully.
Thawing out with hot chocolate and Marshmallows.
Movie time with Popcorn and M&M's
Phase 10 Twist.  It was a lot of fun and look at those sneaky kids -  definitely up to something!
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