Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas this year was quite exciting!  It started with a phone call at 2 in the morning!  Some good friends of ours from church were having a baby and needed Krissie to come stay with their 4-year old son so they could go to the hospital.  Krissie went to their house and spent the night.  In the morning she brought Deacon home with some of his presents where the kids were already up and sitting nicely by the tree waiting patiently.  Mom got some coffee, got Deacon settled and the present opening began.  I have TONS of pictures of the kids opening their gifts, but I just picked a couple of my favorites, or rather tried to find shots of them opening the gifts they most loved.

Each year the kids buy each other presents.  It is so wonderful to see the time and thought they put into coming up with something their siblings will want.  Micah has wanted a watch FOREVER, but the rule was you were not allowed to own a digital watch until you could tell time on an analog dial.  Micah is just learning to tell time, but when Noah had thought about it and asked to buy Micah a watch we were so touched.  We knew it was what Micah really wanted.  This is Micah opening his watch from Noah, and the joy on Noah's face is what really just warms our hearts. 

Noah had no idea what he wanted for Christmas this year.  When we would ask him he would say, "just some Legos, I guess".  We thought long and hard and finally decided to get him his very own iPod.  He loves music and has been using an old hand-me-down 1st generation nano.  The one we got him is green and engraved with the inscription, "Someday these people will ask for MY autograph".  At first I think Sarah thought it was cooler than he did, but he quickly got it and was thrilled with the green music machine (which is what he named it on iTunes).

Here is Deacon opening a few gifts that we brought over to our house.  Shortly after we started opening presents we got the phone call that Mom had given birth to a healthy baby girl.  Deacon stayed for a couple more hours and then his Dad came and picked him up to go meet his sister.

This is the last present the kids opened (Sarah's favorite gift was her digital camera, but I can not find a shot of her opening it that is in focus),  This joint present was a "Wii bundle".  I love the excitement that it captures and Deacon in the right hand corner excited because my kids are all excited!

Mommy opening her favortie present, a pair of black terrier Christmas socks, and helping Phantom open his present from the grandparetns Murphy.

After the presents had been opened the Briggs' came over to exchange gifts with us.  We ate yummy bread, cookies, and other snacks.  It was a great time hanging out and spending the holiday with some of our favorite people.

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