Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Picture Day

With my paretns visit coming to a close we wanted to try and get some good family pictures.  We took my brother and my parents to a GORGEOUS place about 45 mminutes away.  It is one of the most beautiful walks with lots of scenery, fall colors, and prime photo opportunities.  We had a great time walking around, climbing rocks, splashing in the river, taking pictures, snacking, ect.

I wanted to take a picture with my brother and right before this he said, "QUICK! do something funny!!"  This is what we came up with and then didn't get a better one.  What a brat he is.

I like this picture because of how we're all looking at Rolfy... can you tell how ammused he kept us?  Except Micah... because, well, there was trail mix.

After all the walking and pictures Grandpa took us out to eat at the lovely resturant right next to the beginning of the walk.
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