Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cub Adventure Day

Today was just another crazy day in the Murphy house!  Sarah had a dance camp, Noah had a boy scout day camp, Micah had a cub adventure day with Daddy, and Krissie and her brother took off to the Homburg flea market then to Heidleburg castle.  We only had one camera so we only have pictures from the Cub Adventure Day. 

Micah and the other Tiger Cubs learn the rules for the obstacle course

Micah's turn to run the obstacle course!

Here is the part Micah was MOST looking foreward to!  Usually the cub scouts have a week long summer camp where they get to shoot BBguns and learn archery, this year (the first year Micah would have been able to attend as a scout and not be in the "tot lot") they did NOT have the camp due to lack of volunteers and Micah was so dissappointed!  This cub adventure day was just the trick!  Micah got to FINALLY fire a BBgun after watching Noah do it for 5 years!  He even hit the target!  Now he can not wait for summer!
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