Friday, October 9, 2009

Burg Rheinfels, St. Goar

I think this was our favorite day trip!  This castle is AMAZING!  It has huge ruins, underground tunnels, hiding places, lookouts, towers, EVERYTHING, including unlimited access!  There are some places (underground mine tunnels) that are pitch black and can only be walked through in a hunched over position.  Daddy, Uncle Rolf, and the 3 kids braved their way into these tunnels while Mom sat outside with Phantom.  Dad and Rolf were a little worried down there because it is pitch black and winding, turning, and full of dead ends.  They didn't make it "through", but they were able to turn around and find their way back out the same way they came even though they got a little turned around down there.  

Sword fighting in the castle court yard

There were some tunnels and winding staircases that led up to this section of the castle, I tried to take the picture at an angle so you could grasp how high up the boys are.

Rolfy posing on the highest tower, with his faithful Rick Steves book in his hand.  We went no where without it, although it wasn't too helpful in the pitch black mine tunnels.

Exploring some of the cracks and crevices in the cave, this place was actually once the guard sleeping quarters and was almost pitch black in broad daylight, but my flash helped to shine (blind) a little light to take the picture.

cool castle photos

We ate at the restaurant on the castle grounds.  This is the platter my brother ordered (YUMMM!!)  Noah also ate an adult size portion of spaghetti (the waiter said, "are you sure you don't want the kiddie size?", Noah said, "Exploring makes you HUNGRY!")

Before heading home we traveled down the Rhine looking at all the other castles that can be seen on this particular stretch of road.  We stopped in the VERY picturesque village of Bacharach, famous for their wine, to sample and walk around the quaint little town.
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