Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Micah's 7th birthday

Today is Micah's birthday. We asked the boys if they would like to "share" Micah's day and have a family birthday party since during Noah's birthday we would have company and Noah would have to "share" his birthday so we could celebrate Micah's with the guests, too. Our ploy, you see, was that we really wanted to give them a joint present and needed them to open their birthday presents on the same day. Well, it worked - so today we celebrated both boys' birthdays.

Even though the boys were "sharing" the birthday party, Micah still got to pick the menu since it was technically HIS day.  We started the day off with his favorite cereal, Chocolate Lucky Charms.  

Micah picked pizza for lunch.  Since Micah's birthday fell on a weekday we waited until Daddy came home for his lunch break to eat.

At the store, a few days before his birthday, my little reader Micah, who reads anything and everything, read on a can "silly string". "Mom," he said to me, "What is silly string?" What a serious lack of parenting skills! How can this be? So we bought 4 cans that day and have saved them for the party. Out of the photograph is a sneaky Daddy with a can of his own showing the kids what the fun is all about.

Silly string madness, and when the cans were spent it was time to fall into fits of exhausted giggles.  
As I mentioned above our ploy for wanting the boys to share Micah's birthday was because we got the boys a joint present for their birthdays this year (since they are only about 3 weeks apart). They had NO idea what they were getting or what to expect. We gave them a brown unwrapped box with Mario Kart for Wii in it and let them assume the rest (we didn't have a Wii before this) . Look at their faces.... this truly was the biggest surprise of their young lives. 

They really truly could not believe they were getting a Wii of their very own.

They couldn't wait to get started!

As we took turns making our Mii's (it's a Wii thing) I served dessert.  The boys did not want birthday cake, instead they each chose their favorite pie.   Mommy made a pumpkin pie for Micah and an apple pie for Noah.  If you're attention is focused on your brother playing Wii, though, a sneaky Daddy just might make off with your pie!  

Before Daddy had to head back to work for the afternoon I had Sarah capture the classic Momm, Daddy, birthday kid, and PIE shot!  The kids played Wii the rest of the afternoon and then in the evening when Daddy was home from work Micah opened up his presents from his grandparents - we ate more pizza and pie for supper - what a perfect day to be 7!  

Micah got some great gifts from his grandparents, but I think his favorite was a singing card from Grandma and Grandpa Bruhn.  

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