Friday, September 25, 2009

Krissie's Brother is HERE!!

"Little brother", Rolf.  Sorry about the lighting.
Rolfy came for a visit!  He timed his visit so that it overlapped with Grandma & Grandpa's visit, but would stay with us for a week after my parents left.  The first day of his visit we kept it low key with dinner in, games, movies, and Wii games.  The kids have not seen their uncle in almost 6 years so they were so excited to spend time with him.  The most important thing in the boys' agenda was to watch ALL 6 Star Wars movies with him.

Krissie wanted a picture with her brother, but he wouldn't stop moving and being silly... 
and picking on her.... ah, just like old times.  


Sarah and Noah with their "game faces"!  

Mom and Grandma in the kitchen for wine refills during a break in the games.

Watching Star Wars (right after breakfast the day after their Uncle arrived) My boys waste NO TIME. 
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