Sunday, September 27, 2009

HIRSCHOFF Pumpkin Fest

We took a ride to Hirschoff Farms for their annual Pumpkin Fest.  They have lots of vendors there selling homemade food, wine, crafts, antiques, you name it.  They're also famous for their pumpkin soup.  The weather was gorgeous!  We all had a great time sampling, shopping, and goofing around.

We tried all the fest had to offer - Pumpkin soup, sweet corn, beer, wine.... oh, and FLAMMKUCHEN (my favortie!)  The kids had fun climbing the tower of hay bales, the corn maize, picking out pumpkins, and eating goodies!

Headed Home with all the fun finds.  Micah has already permanently attached himself to his Uncle. Very sweet.

Anytime there was down time the boys (and Sarah, too) would engage Uncle Rolf in watching Star Wars, playing Wii, or building with Legos. This is only the 3rd day of his visit and they're already quite smitten with him! (and vice versa, I think)
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