Monday, September 28, 2009

Family BBQ

Today we decided to cook the sweet corn we bought at the pumpkin festival... well, you can't just cook sweet corn that you buy at a pumpkin festival, you have to grill them!  And you can't just grill sweet corn without barbacueing some chicken... and if you're going to grill bbq chicken and sweet corn you HAVE to mash some potatoes and homemade bbq sauce.  MMMMMMM, it was a goooooooooood meal!  Lots of yummy meals were made during the Bruhn visit, but this one was my favorite.  Good food, good company, games, laughs, wine, and family. 

(top) It was so great hanging out with my brother! Hanging out with him in my kitchen and laughing about things we did and said when we were kids... making fun of my parents (lovingly, of course)... it was just the greatest time. (bottom)  I walked in the kitchen and saw this scene - it might not be the greatest picture ever taken, but it was like I walked out of the living room with my husband and kids and back to 1984!  I was like WHOA!  My mom standing at the counter chopping, my Dad chatting with her standing by the stove and stirring the sauce (and snacking on it to make sure that it is okay). 

No dinner is complete without S'mores!  Micah is so happy because he just turned 7 we said he could hold his own stick over the flame with NO help!
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