Monday, September 28, 2009

Family BBQ

Today we decided to cook the sweet corn we bought at the pumpkin festival... well, you can't just cook sweet corn that you buy at a pumpkin festival, you have to grill them!  And you can't just grill sweet corn without barbacueing some chicken... and if you're going to grill bbq chicken and sweet corn you HAVE to mash some potatoes and homemade bbq sauce.  MMMMMMM, it was a goooooooooood meal!  Lots of yummy meals were made during the Bruhn visit, but this one was my favorite.  Good food, good company, games, laughs, wine, and family. 

(top) It was so great hanging out with my brother! Hanging out with him in my kitchen and laughing about things we did and said when we were kids... making fun of my parents (lovingly, of course)... it was just the greatest time. (bottom)  I walked in the kitchen and saw this scene - it might not be the greatest picture ever taken, but it was like I walked out of the living room with my husband and kids and back to 1984!  I was like WHOA!  My mom standing at the counter chopping, my Dad chatting with her standing by the stove and stirring the sauce (and snacking on it to make sure that it is okay). 

No dinner is complete without S'mores!  Micah is so happy because he just turned 7 we said he could hold his own stick over the flame with NO help!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

HIRSCHOFF Pumpkin Fest

We took a ride to Hirschoff Farms for their annual Pumpkin Fest.  They have lots of vendors there selling homemade food, wine, crafts, antiques, you name it.  They're also famous for their pumpkin soup.  The weather was gorgeous!  We all had a great time sampling, shopping, and goofing around.

We tried all the fest had to offer - Pumpkin soup, sweet corn, beer, wine.... oh, and FLAMMKUCHEN (my favortie!)  The kids had fun climbing the tower of hay bales, the corn maize, picking out pumpkins, and eating goodies!

Headed Home with all the fun finds.  Micah has already permanently attached himself to his Uncle. Very sweet.

Anytime there was down time the boys (and Sarah, too) would engage Uncle Rolf in watching Star Wars, playing Wii, or building with Legos. This is only the 3rd day of his visit and they're already quite smitten with him! (and vice versa, I think)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Krissie's Brother is HERE!!

"Little brother", Rolf.  Sorry about the lighting.
Rolfy came for a visit!  He timed his visit so that it overlapped with Grandma & Grandpa's visit, but would stay with us for a week after my parents left.  The first day of his visit we kept it low key with dinner in, games, movies, and Wii games.  The kids have not seen their uncle in almost 6 years so they were so excited to spend time with him.  The most important thing in the boys' agenda was to watch ALL 6 Star Wars movies with him.

Krissie wanted a picture with her brother, but he wouldn't stop moving and being silly... 
and picking on her.... ah, just like old times.  


Sarah and Noah with their "game faces"!  

Mom and Grandma in the kitchen for wine refills during a break in the games.

Watching Star Wars (right after breakfast the day after their Uncle arrived) My boys waste NO TIME. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tiger Field Trip to the AFN studios.

Part of earning the Tiger rank in cub scouts is touring a TV or radio station.  We had an opportunity to tour the Armed Forces Network located on Vogelweh base near us.  

Micah got to sit behind the news anchors desk

Micah's silly Tiger Den.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dancing at the Bazaar

Sarah and her 2 friends from her dance school, Kayla and Hannah.

We took my paretns to the annual Ramstein bazaar to shop, eat, and see Sarah dance.  Ellen and her kids met us up here and got to watch Sarah's school perform as well.  Then the guys (Rob, Grandpa, Heath, Carter, Noah, and Micah) went home to play Wii and hang out while all the girls stayed on base to shop at the bazaar.  Ellen and the kids stayed at our house for a long time.  The kids hung out, played Wii, and snacked while the adults settled in for an exciting game of Phase 10.  I wish I had more pictures from that day... but this was all I got.  It was the first time Ellen, the kids, and my parents got to see Sarah perform - they were all thrilled and Sarah was so happy to have them all there.  The boys just wanted the funnel cake....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Pack Meeting of the year

Noah leads the pledge of allegiance with his den leader during the opening ceremony of the pack meeting.

Tonight was the first pack meeting of the year and it was extra special because Grandma and Grandpa Bruhn were here for their annual fall visit. This is our first (and last) year having both boys in the same pack.  Noah is in his last year of cub scouting (a WEBLO II) and Micah is in his first year (a Tiger Cub).  

 The first step in cub scouting is to complete your Bobcat badge.  Once you earn this rank you are officially on the cub scout trail.  There is a cool ceremony where you have your face painted.  This was a special time because Noah got to help out and paint on Micah's Bobcat while Daddy looks on.

Micah the Bobcat

Grandpa and Grandma, fresh off the plane, watch the ceremony.  

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cub Scout Rain Gutter Regatta

This Saturday was Jam-PACKED with activities!  Rob and i ran the half-marathon in the morning, Sarah had a dance gig and the boys had their cub scout rain gutter regatta in the afternoon.  

Sarah posing in our front yard before heading off to the gig

Micah with his "Tiger Cub" boat.  He won an award for the "cubbiest" boat.  He was very proud since that's what he was going for.  

Noah with his boat... he was going for, and WON, the award for most patriotic boat.  

   The day was busy filled with running, dancing, and scouting... when it was over we all crashed in our chairs with a movie.  Rob and I both fell asleep in front of the TV.

Krissie's FIRST 1/2 marathon

Here we are after the half-marathon. I look like I just ran, well, a half-marathon to be quite honest - but Rob barely even broke a sweat, BRAT!! We didn't get medals, but we did get these cool T-shirts and water bottles!! We finished the 13.1 mile course in 2:10:38 - not bad for my first time, and Rob is content with the time even though it was like a snails pace for him. Although he did tell me his knees hurt "a little" going up the stairs just now, so I do feel a little better!
We didn't make the kids get up and go with us, even though they wanted to cheer us on, it just would have been too hard to have them wandering around base for 2 hours waiting. I didn't want the distraction of worrying about them, so it was just easier to know they were safe at home, sleeping in. So, there was noone there to snap a "finish-line" photo for us; Sarah caught this one as soon as we stepped out of the car.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

woefully behind on the blog

I am dreadfully, woefully, terribly, inconsistently behind on my blog posts. I am going to try and catch up over the next few days; so keep scrolling down to check for posts dated before this one... but in the mean time here is a picture of MY best friend. My running partner, my constant companion, my loyal, licking, favorite friend. He wakes me up every morning at 5:00 AM, more reliable than an alarm that dog is, to go running. Although it's staying pretty dark at 5:00 AM these days, so I had to get my best friend a little help to be seen on those dark forest paths (and give the deer, cows, foxes, bats, and snakes some warning that the Phantom Menace was sneaking up on them!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Micah's 7th birthday

Today is Micah's birthday. We asked the boys if they would like to "share" Micah's day and have a family birthday party since during Noah's birthday we would have company and Noah would have to "share" his birthday so we could celebrate Micah's with the guests, too. Our ploy, you see, was that we really wanted to give them a joint present and needed them to open their birthday presents on the same day. Well, it worked - so today we celebrated both boys' birthdays.

Even though the boys were "sharing" the birthday party, Micah still got to pick the menu since it was technically HIS day.  We started the day off with his favorite cereal, Chocolate Lucky Charms.  

Micah picked pizza for lunch.  Since Micah's birthday fell on a weekday we waited until Daddy came home for his lunch break to eat.

At the store, a few days before his birthday, my little reader Micah, who reads anything and everything, read on a can "silly string". "Mom," he said to me, "What is silly string?" What a serious lack of parenting skills! How can this be? So we bought 4 cans that day and have saved them for the party. Out of the photograph is a sneaky Daddy with a can of his own showing the kids what the fun is all about.

Silly string madness, and when the cans were spent it was time to fall into fits of exhausted giggles.  
As I mentioned above our ploy for wanting the boys to share Micah's birthday was because we got the boys a joint present for their birthdays this year (since they are only about 3 weeks apart). They had NO idea what they were getting or what to expect. We gave them a brown unwrapped box with Mario Kart for Wii in it and let them assume the rest (we didn't have a Wii before this) . Look at their faces.... this truly was the biggest surprise of their young lives. 

They really truly could not believe they were getting a Wii of their very own.

They couldn't wait to get started!

As we took turns making our Mii's (it's a Wii thing) I served dessert.  The boys did not want birthday cake, instead they each chose their favorite pie.   Mommy made a pumpkin pie for Micah and an apple pie for Noah.  If you're attention is focused on your brother playing Wii, though, a sneaky Daddy just might make off with your pie!  

Before Daddy had to head back to work for the afternoon I had Sarah capture the classic Momm, Daddy, birthday kid, and PIE shot!  The kids played Wii the rest of the afternoon and then in the evening when Daddy was home from work Micah opened up his presents from his grandparents - we ate more pizza and pie for supper - what a perfect day to be 7!  

Micah got some great gifts from his grandparents, but I think his favorite was a singing card from Grandma and Grandpa Bruhn.