Thursday, August 20, 2009

a HOT day at a COOL Park!

The boys on a poofy bouncy thingie (this is the EXACT way my friend Ellen described this to me)

We traveled to the Spangdhalem area to spend the day with our friends the Phillips at Eifel Park. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year in Germany! An unheard of 97 degrees! The wasps/bees/yellow jackets were very aggressive and more than a little annoying, but the fine company and fun made up for any inconvenience caused by those pesky little creatures.

This was Micah's first time on a roller coaster!  He was very nervous the first time, but then went again, and again, and again!!  Ellen and Carter are in the first car, Hannah and Sarah behind Micah and me, and Heath and Noah in the last car.

Stopping for ice cream, it was sooooo hot that day, but you wanted to keep moving because as soon as you stopped for a minute the wasps would POUNCE!  Never met wasps that pounce?  These did!  They were crazy not-normal insects! 

The boys had fun using these paddle boats as floating bumper cars.  
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