Friday, July 24, 2009

SCHOOL STARTS!! (Yes, in July!!)

The kids and Phantom in our backyard.  We started our 2009/2010 school year on July 22nd, but I didn't take pictures until today.  The kids all got haircuts, so of course I had to drag the camera out.  We usually start school in the middle to end of July so we can take off lots of time in the fall and spring to travel around Europe.  We also usually only do school 4 days a week - doesn't that make YOU want to homeschool?  Every weekend is a 3-day weekend!  

Micah sitting at his desk.  Micah started first grade this year.  He is excited to improve his reading and learn more math!  He isn't excited about learning to tell time because he things it will be hard.

Noah started his 5th grade year.  This year he is using this cool roll-top desk and he is super excited about all the little compartments and drawers to keep all his important 5th grade papers.

Sarah has started her Freshman year of high school!  WOW!  After much prayer, tears, research, more prayer, and more tears (mostly by Mom) we all decided we would home school Sarah for this year instead of sending her to the local high school.  We fixed up an entire corner in our classroom for her to use.  We plan to put a shelf up and maybe get a bookcase of some sort.  So far it's going really well, but it's only the third day!
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