Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Our LONG-time friends, the Phillips family, drove up from their base (about an hour south of us) to have dinner on our base.  We had a wonderful time visiting and goofing around.  Each second with our friends is precious right now as they will be moving very soon and we will not live near each other anymore!  Since we have lived near one another since before Noah and Carter were born this is going to be an adjustment!

Friday, July 24, 2009

SCHOOL STARTS!! (Yes, in July!!)

The kids and Phantom in our backyard.  We started our 2009/2010 school year on July 22nd, but I didn't take pictures until today.  The kids all got haircuts, so of course I had to drag the camera out.  We usually start school in the middle to end of July so we can take off lots of time in the fall and spring to travel around Europe.  We also usually only do school 4 days a week - doesn't that make YOU want to homeschool?  Every weekend is a 3-day weekend!  

Micah sitting at his desk.  Micah started first grade this year.  He is excited to improve his reading and learn more math!  He isn't excited about learning to tell time because he things it will be hard.

Noah started his 5th grade year.  This year he is using this cool roll-top desk and he is super excited about all the little compartments and drawers to keep all his important 5th grade papers.

Sarah has started her Freshman year of high school!  WOW!  After much prayer, tears, research, more prayer, and more tears (mostly by Mom) we all decided we would home school Sarah for this year instead of sending her to the local high school.  We fixed up an entire corner in our classroom for her to use.  We plan to put a shelf up and maybe get a bookcase of some sort.  So far it's going really well, but it's only the third day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trip canceled, but couldn't waste this photo.

The boys were all dressed up for a field trip with their cub scout pack - the field trip was postponed, but they looked so cute I had to take a picture anyway.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Irish Dance Camp

Sarah participated in a week-long Irish Dance camp put on by her school, Tir na nOg, in our local area.  In addition to taking classes at her level she also helped with some of the younger age groups.  A stomach bug was making its way around the group throughout the week and Sarah's turn was on the very last day of camp, just in time for the "Celi" (dance party).  She had to miss her last class of the day to come home and nap so she could go back for the party, poor thing.  Here are a few pictures from the end of camp party.

(top) Michelle checking on Sarah (middle) The three instructors teaching the kids an Irish song. (bottom) all the siblings participating in a dance with help from the dancers.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Munich Feis July 4th weekend

July 4th weekend we headed down to Munich for the annual Tir na NOg Irish Dance feis. This is the school Sarah dances for. Dancers from all different schools from all over Europe come to compete. We traveled with Michelle and her 2 dancers, Hannah and Leisha. We hit some nasty thunderstorms traveling down, but made it in one piece.
This is Sarah taking first place in her beginner horn pipe. This is the very last beginner dance that she needed to place out of. There weren't enough dancers competing for her to place out, so even though she took first she will have to try again next feis.
Sarah is wearing her "new" solo dress in this picture. We bought it from another dancer who had outgrown it. You can only wear solo dresses for Intermediate dances and above, but those were about to begin and Sarah had to change before awards were handed out for beginner and primary dances. This was Sarah's very first feis dancing anything in the intermediate category. She was so nervous!
This is Sarah with Thea. The solo dress Sarah is wearing used to be Thea's.
Kayla is one of Sarah's close friends. Both Kayla and Sarah are READY for their Intermediate dances. When you start to place out of your beginner and primary level dances you move up to the intermediate level. Once you acheive this level you can wear a solo dress (it is unique and your own as opposed to the class dresses, in my case the kelly green or neon green dresses that you see in previous pictures).
Sarah and Hannah... Mom just loves to take lots of pictures! Sarah did very well at this feis and even though she didn't place at the Intermediate level she has a good experience dancing with those girls for her first time.