Saturday, June 20, 2009


The kids and I finished up with school on June 5th. I ordered next years curriculum on June 15th, so until that arrives via the USPS we are enjoying summer vacation. We have done a couple of fun things, but nothing that I remembered to take my camera to! The boys have had lots of time with their best buddies, Noah and EJ Briggs, and enjoyed a couple of summer cub scout activities. On June 19th that went on a Pack Hike. It was Micah's FIRST official activity as a TIGER scout. He is so excited to be a cub scout. We just ordered his uniform and he can't wait for it to come! One of Sarah's favorite ways to celebrate "no school" is with sleepovers and movies. She has been to (and hosted) a few sleepovers and several movies since finishing up 8th grade. When she and her friend, Hannah, have a sleepover their favorite snack is NACHOS. Hannah could LIVE on Nachos. In honor of the summer holidays we made special Nachos for this sleep over (instead of the "Old El Paso" processed stuff in the glass jar).
Rob took the next 2 weeks off of work - we have no plans to go anywhere, but just hang out. We do plan to do a few local fun things like picnics, hikes, bike rides, and of course ice cream at the bike inn. I'll be sure to take some pictures and post them. Rob will go back to work after 4th of July and (providing the USPS ships things in a timely manner) the kids and I will start school on July 6th. Micah will be in first grade, Noah in 5th, and Sarah will be beginning her FRESHMAN year of HIGH SCHOOL!! Can you believe it?As soon as we arrived Noah (above, right) found his friend, Wesley, in the back of a van playing Nintendo. Without so much as a word Noah hopped in, whipped out another Nintendo and started playing. Micah (below, center) and a few of the brand new Tiger scouts waiting to go on the hike. Sarah and Hannah after yet another sleepover. Freshly painted nails, bags under their sleep deprived eyes, but smiles on their faces as they are about to dig into our version of nachos.
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