Friday, May 15, 2009

Fantastic Friday

My boys participate in a home-school gymnastics class on the base. On Friday May 15th they put on their end of the school-year performance. The theme was "under the sea". The boys don't LOVE gymnastics, they're not headed for the Olympics, but they do love jumping, running, swinging on the bars, tumbling around... so it's good exercise and fun for them.Every Friday we go swimming at the Azur pool. We usually meet a few other home school families there and it is always a fun afternoon. I brought my camera this Friday (May 15th) since we came right from the gymnastics performance. I thought I'd grab a few shots of a typical Friday afternoon at the pool. We ALWAYS have snacks, and the gentleman who runs the snack shop LOVES to see us coming! The kids always get pommes (fries), and I always get Latte Machiatto (yummy coffee). The kids are waiting on their yummy snacks. These are my friend Michelle's kids, her 7 and my 3. The Azur pool has 2 heated indoor pools (a lap pool and a kiddie pool), and outdoor heated pool and a LARGE outdoor (NOT heated) pool. They opened the outdoor pool a couple weekends ago... and here are our crazy kids actually swimming out there! it is POURING rain and 56 degrees. I took this through the glass, I wasn't stepping foot out there.
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