Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sarah's 14th Birthday

Sarah's 14th birthday was a fun, friend filled weekend. Noah went to spend the weekend at the Phillips in Spanghalem and we took Jadi for the weekend for the party.
The party started on Friday with her sleepover. The girls (Sarah, Jadi, Corienna, Sarah D., Hannah, and Grace) played a game sort of like "Iron Chef". They broke into 2 teams and got a bag of mystery ingredients. They then had one hour to plan an entire meal from the ingredients in the bag, They had to try and use everything in the bag and would have points deducted for things they left out, or substitutions they made. Mom and Dad then judged them their creations. After the competition we handed out prizes and then sang happy birthday (using the pies that they made in the contest instead of cake) Then for dinner they sampled their own, and each others, creations. After dinner we opened presents. Then the girls went to hang out downstairs. They watched movies, played around on the Internet, listened to music, and giggled.... BOY did they GIGGLE!
The next morning they invented their own smoothies. The girls began to get picked up and go home, but the remaining 2 girls, Jadi and Corienna, went to see a movie at the same theater we took Micah and 2 of his friends to. Micah and his friends went to see Monsters vs. Aliens and the girls went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. We dropped Corienna off and came home to put Jadi and Sarah to bed.
After church on Sunday (Sarah's REAL birthday) we met the Phillips at a local restaurant for lunch. Then they came back to our house for Sarah's family birthday party. Sarah got to open her presents from her grandparents and mom and dad. Then we had cake and ice cream. The Phillips then took Jadi home and we all settled in, exhausted, and watched a movie. What a GREAT weekend!! It was so much fun and Sarah had an amazing time!

The girls all wearing the aprons that Sarah made for them before they started their iron chef game. Grace, Hannah, Jadi, Corienna, Sarah, and Sarah. Holding the prizes they received after the competition. They're standing in front of all their culinary creations. YUMMYThe last picture I took in the evening. After this the girls were on their own!Saturday morning smoothie bar.


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