Saturday, March 21, 2009

The busiest Saturday EVER

Saturday March 21st, 2009. Happy Birthday Rob! Unfortunately we weren't able to celebrate his birthday today! Rob took the boys to the district pine-wood derby where Noah placed SECOND in the Weblo category (out of our WHOLE district!!!), and then the boys had to go into work with their Dad for a few hours. (I had the camera, so I am hoping to find someone who took a picture of Noah being presented with his trophy.) Sarah had an all day class dance competition where Mom was helping with the set-up, and behind the scenesSarah is kind of in "no-mans-land" in her dancing right now. She is working in between levels, so she placed 1st in almost all the primary dances and at the other end of the spectrum in her Intermediate dances which is what we expected her to do, and she was very pleased with her progress. In the above pictures she is placing first in one of her primary dances, and 5th in the Intermediate Trophy dance.
Toward the end of the day Sarah was getting very tired, and I caught this picture of her as she was watching some of the other dancers on stageWhen you're an Intermediate dancer you are able to make up your own dance in an Intermediate Freestyle category. Sarah and her friend Kayla made up this dance to Skye Sweetnam's "Just the Way I am" (which says, "I'm strange and I like it - That's just the way I am - I can't change, I can't hide it - That's just the way I am - Might as well get over it don't try to understand - I'm strange And I like it - That's just the way I am" - so their costumes reflected the lyrics, and their dance was very cute. They took third place for their efforts. Here is the performance for you to enjoy.

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