Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

We FINALLY got to celebrate Rob's 37th birthday. Saturday (his actual birthday) was so crazy with kids' activities and Rob had to work... and Sunday is busy with church, so we celebrated on Monday. We had fajitas and apple crisp (a la carte), opened presents, and Sarah made cookies for Rob to take and share at work tomorrow.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The busiest Saturday EVER

Saturday March 21st, 2009. Happy Birthday Rob! Unfortunately we weren't able to celebrate his birthday today! Rob took the boys to the district pine-wood derby where Noah placed SECOND in the Weblo category (out of our WHOLE district!!!), and then the boys had to go into work with their Dad for a few hours. (I had the camera, so I am hoping to find someone who took a picture of Noah being presented with his trophy.) Sarah had an all day class dance competition where Mom was helping with the set-up, and behind the scenesSarah is kind of in "no-mans-land" in her dancing right now. She is working in between levels, so she placed 1st in almost all the primary dances and at the other end of the spectrum in her Intermediate dances which is what we expected her to do, and she was very pleased with her progress. In the above pictures she is placing first in one of her primary dances, and 5th in the Intermediate Trophy dance.
Toward the end of the day Sarah was getting very tired, and I caught this picture of her as she was watching some of the other dancers on stageWhen you're an Intermediate dancer you are able to make up your own dance in an Intermediate Freestyle category. Sarah and her friend Kayla made up this dance to Skye Sweetnam's "Just the Way I am" (which says, "I'm strange and I like it - That's just the way I am - I can't change, I can't hide it - That's just the way I am - Might as well get over it don't try to understand - I'm strange And I like it - That's just the way I am" - so their costumes reflected the lyrics, and their dance was very cute. They took third place for their efforts. Here is the performance for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Performances

We spent St. Patrick's Day watching Sarah dance with her Irish Dance school at different gigs around the local area. It was exciting for Sarah because these were the first "official gigs" where she was counted among the Intermediate dancers (a more advanced level). She was really nervous, and although you could tell she isn't quite as seasoned as the rest of the more practiced crew she held her own and looked really GREAT! The first pictures were taken at the Dubliner Irish Pub, where the whole family stayed to watch Sarah and eat dinner.

Sarah with the Intermediate Girls - she is so excited to be a part of the "club"

The last gig of the evening was at the Officer's Club on base. Mary wanted them in FULL costume, which means the big heavy dress and wig, but Sarah didn't care because Hannah came to this gig!!I am SO BAD at catching "action" shots, but here's one high kick I caught!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The base had a St. Patrick's Day in which the school Sarah dances for took part. After the parade the youth center hosted activites, one of them was Sarah's school did a demonstration of dancing. The also had a parents dance along that Rob took part in. It was a really fun day, and the weather was just beautiful.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Field Trip to Weather Station

Micah has been taking a weather class during the home school co-op we participate in. For the last day of the class they took a field trip up to the Sembach weather station to learn about the equipment and weather predicting. My friend Bobbie grabbed these pictures for me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cub Scout Trip to AFN

Noah's cub scout den took a field trip to the AFN (Armed Forces Network) studios in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The boys had a great time sitting behind the desk and learning all about the television studio.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My birthday this year was so GREAT! I spent the day home schooling the kids, and driving them to their lessons, practices, and various activities. I wouldn't have done anything different! When Rob got off work I met him on base and together we went to "RUNNER'S POINT" in downtown Kaiserslautern. This store was awesome! They took images of my feet to make sure to get the perfect fit, and also filmed me running on a treadmill to analyze my step and stride to ensure the proper type of shoe. I tried on about 6 different pair and ended up with a pair of Adidas. I can't wait to try them out, but it might be a little while yet since my knee is still really hurting me. When Rob and I got home the kids had cleaned the whole house and started supper. We ate salad and grilled cheese sandwiches - no dessert. Rob snapped some pictures of me with my birthday presents, and then the whole family humored me and took a few group shots. Now the kids are on their way to bed, and Rob and I are going to watch a movie and have a glass of wine. BEST birthday ever! who said 36 is boring!!??!