Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pine Wood Derby '09

Noah has been in cub scouts since he was in 1st grade (Tiger's). Now he is in Weblos 1 (Weblos stands for We will be loyal scouts). So this is Noah's 4th pine wood derby - Noah has always come in (pretty much) dead last in every race every year, but he has made the cars mostly by himself (except the jigsaw part). So, when he took home 3rd place out of his age group this year he was THRILLED. He also took home first place in the "body design" category, which was pretty cool. Noah's whole den (Den 8 - also known as the Blazing Fire Breathing Dragon Slayers)Noah's Carthe man on the left is Noah's Den leader, Mr. Dunn. This is winning the award for best body design.Noah and the other 4th graders (Weblo 1's) accepting their trophies.
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