Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

The Holiday Season 2008! Here is one of many posts documenting all the fun events, parties, and occasions that we involve ourselves in. We got our live tree from the cub scout tree sales again this year. We had to decorate it in shifts though, because the older the kids get the busier we are participating in all their different activities.
This is our advent calendar for this year. Tonight was Micah's turn to open the box and place the contents in the scene. We are doing a cute little Playmobil winter scene with Santa this year. It seems a bit more festive than the Knight scene we did last year.

Micah giving his best brooding face while decoratting the tree.

Phantom can not figure out why there is a tree in our house (that he cannot mark!) and why all the furniture is rearranged. He has a certain corner of the couch he likes to sit on, and it has been moved now. WHY?! Why did you move my corner??

Sarah came right from an Irish Dancing gig, so she is still in her costume.

This is the only picture we have of Noah. Sorry it's out of focus.

Rob and I attended his squadron's Christmas party. These are some pictures one of his co-workers took. The girls in the bottom picture are some of Rob's co-workers. Nice kids! We had a good time.

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