Friday, December 12, 2008

Home School Christmas Party

We had our homeschool Christmas Party today. It was held at the skating rink. Here are a few pictures from the fun festivities. Where is Sarah? Home sick on the couch sleeping. Poor thing. Micah did a little skating, but he was more interested in the crafts - espeically the cookie decorating, but he consumed his creation too fast for me to capture on film.Noah and his cookie creation. I especially like the kool-aide mustache Noah is sporting.Micah and his good friend, Noelle, hanging out at the craft table.Micah, sticking pretty close to something he can hold onto.Noah and his good friend, Noah, hung out the whole time. They had fun skating and raiding the dessert table.This is my good friend, Bobbie, and her son, Ben, who also happens to be one of Micah's very best friends.
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