Friday, November 21, 2008


To say we are obsessed with these books brings up negative imagery... so, let's just say that we are very involved in the series, and we were terribly, terribly aware that there was a movie being made based on the first book in the series. Sarah read them first, and then I followed suit. I talked about the books, and in honestly trying to detour people from reading them actually dragged others down with me. Anyway, another mom-of-teen and I were taking our girls and some of their friends to see the movie opening night, and 2 moms (whose girls are no way old enough to read these books, but whom I unapologetically involved in my obsession - well, let's call a spade a spade, shall we?)
Anyway, we all went to see the movie and we all liked it. It was really fun getting to see the movie with a nearly sold out audience comprised mostly of teen age girls (and yes, a lot of moms, too) who giggled and swooned in all the right places, clapping the first time Edward appeared on screen and hissing when James came into view. Bring on "New Moon", although we might have to hit the theater to see Twilight just one more time first!!
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