Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fish Brains and birthdays

Noah's cub scout pack had a camp-out this weekend on some grounds connected to a nearby Army base. The 3 boys left on Friday night and stayed until after supper on Saturday night. They learned to fish, earned water achievements at the Army base pool, played sports, went on a nature hike, learned how to build fires, and ate so many treats and things that can be cooked on a camp fire. Since Saturday was Noah's 10th birthday he brought some individually packaged brownies to share. They lit candles on the brownies and sang to Noah. When they came home on Saturday night, exhausted and smelling like they brought the campfire home with them, Micah was so tired he couldn't even open his eyes as I changed him into his jammies. I aksed Noah how it was and he replied, "Good, we dissected a fish and I got to see its brains!" Could a boy ask for a better birthday?The boys in front of the campfire on Friday night. In front of their tent Saturday morningSome fishing pictures. Although they didn't catch anything this was by far the boys' favorite part of the weekend. Rob said Noah took to it like a pro, and they had a few nibbles, but nothing stuck.Singing happy birthday to Noah
The weather was COLD! Rob said it was fun, but freezing as you can see by the boys playing sports here all bundled up.
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