Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rain Gutter Regatta

This year Noah is in Webelos I. Tonight was our first pack meeting which included the rain gutter regatta. Noah decorated his boat (I helped draw the jolly roger on the flag) to try and win the "AAAHHHHRGH Matey!" award (most Piratey). They race the boats with straws and Noah's lost miserably, which is what we expected with all that Playmobil stuff hot-glued on there, but he did win for most Piratey, so all was not lost!Noah and his boat before the race (above) a close up of Noah's boat before he had to get it wet (below) Noah races (above) after all the other boys have finished.... but (below) wins the award for most Piratey boat, which is all he really wanted anyway....
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