Sunday, September 21, 2008

Marathon Man

Rob ran in the 2008 FIDUCIA Baden-Marathon in Karlsruhe today! It was his very first marathon, and he has been training for about 8 months. We weren't sure he was going to be able to run after getting so sick 2 weeks ago. He was sick for over a week, running a high, high fever and losing almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks (for Rob that is an enormous amount) and completely unable to run or train.
He was feeling good, and we headed up to Karlsruhe (about an hour and a half away) on Saturday. After registering, picking up his number, and chip we met up with his running buddy. Joshua brought his own cheering section with him!
We walked around the marketplatz of downtown Karlsruhe for a little while on Saturday, and then headed to the hotel for a good nights sleep. While we were in Karlsruhe we left our car parked and took the tram everywhere we needed to go.
Sunday, race day!! the morning was cloudy and cool... we ate breakfast at the hotel and then took the tram over to the start line. Rob and his running buddy, Joshua Legullian (who everyone calls Lego), were one of the last groups to start. The marathon started at 9:00 AM - but the time doesn't officially start until their chip crosses the start line, which wasn't until about 9:20 AM for Rob.
After Rob started running we took the tram to an area downtown, at about the 33 k mark (about 20.5 miles) and waited for Rob to pass. We saw him there and cheered for him - he was looking pretty beat, but still running!! Then we took the tram back down to the finish line to watch for them. Lego finished first with a time of 4 hours 53 minutes and 5 seconds. Rob hit a wall about 23 miles and ended up having to walk for about 2 miles or so. He came in running the last kilometer and finished at 5 hours 10 minutes and 21seconds. I think you can click HERE to see his times throughout the race - where he was the first half and then the second. He was right on track to finish about where he had planned (4 hours and 30 minutes) except for needing to walk those couple of miles. After the race and a shower we took the tram back to our van and headed home. We picked up some pizzas and our dog and headed home. Rob got into his sweats, and ate his favorite post run meal (Pizza and wine) and watched football.
We are so proud of his finish!!
Picking up his number and packet when we first arrive on Saturday.Riding the Tram around Karlsruhe on Saturday afternoonSaturday: Lego (right) and his cheering section. Wife, Kelly, and friends Zac and Bonnie.Sunday morning started out COLD and cloudy. The sun came out and the day turned out really nice! The perfect weather to run 26.5 miles.Here they are just starting out, all smiles!!Here's where we met up with them at the 20 mile mark. Noah ran out to see Daddy, who is looking a little tired at this point, but STILL RUNNING!! a couple miles after this is where Rob his his wall. Here's Rob about to cross the finish line!!! He rallied and was able to run in the last kilometer!!After collecting their medals and some snacks the guys head to the showers.Rob is home, in his chair with PIZZA! His legs are hurting, and he is tired but otherwise feels pretty good!
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