Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Field Trip to the Gem Mines

We went on a field trip to the gem mines of Idar Oberstein. It is about 35 minutes from out house and something we haven't done yet! The boys thought it was extremely cool to put on hard hats and walk around some abandoned caves. Sarah was so happy to see all her friends, and Grandma and I learned how the crystals were formed in the lava and all about gem mining in Germany and Brazil. Okay, maybe the kids learned a little something, too. It was a really neat experience and a lot of families from our home school group showed up to participate, so that made it even better.Our whole group.the first group leaves on their tour (including Suzanne and kids)
My kids ready to go into the mine The tour guide shows us a map of the mine we are exploringSarah and her friends looking ever so stylish in their hard hatsAfter the tour we climbed every rock on the way back to the car. These are my kids with some of the Brigg's kids.
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