Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day at the Zoo

When you live in Europe you become all about taking "day trips" out and about. You think you'd run out of castles and old churches, but that's never the case. It was in the midst of one of these such trips, to something old somewhere in Europe when Micah asked me, "Mom, am I ever gonna get to see an elephant?" Thus the seed was planted, and plans were formed. See, in Europe there's so much to see that sometimes simple things (that can also be done when we get back to the states and castles built in the 13th century are hard to come by) get skipped over, like the zoo. We planned the trip during Grandma's visit, because I think taking kids to the zoo is a very Grandma thing to do. And Micah not only got to SEE Elephants, but feed them and touch their trunks as well!
Micah was in AWE. This was my favortie part of the trip. What a sweet picture of him gazing up at the elephant.Birds and Beasts to the left, People exhibit on the right.... hee hee hee
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