Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A walk in a Gorge

Today we took a walk out in Karl's Valley with a few other home school families. Karl's Valley is one of the most beautiful places to take a walk in the Palatinate Forest. It is, in fact,perhaps THE most beautiful rambling kilometre in the entire forest. The path leads along the banks of a winding stream where now and again wooden bridges allow you to cross to the other side, and benches offer you the opportunity to sit down and relax awhile. The wooden pavilion at the half-way stage of the gorge is a very popular spot for taking photographs, but also for listening to the water rushing by. The picture above is as we entered the gorge, and below is just one of the many picturesque scenes we encountered along the way.The younger kids enjoyed climbing the hills and giant rock formations, crossing the river, and playing on fallen trees along the way. Sarah and her friend, Hannah, preferred to chat and hang out with their puppies. On the way back we took the "high road". This picture (above) is looking down into the gorge.
The walk is a big loop and at the entrance/exit there is a restaurant with a giant yard. The yard has a playground and assorted animals. Phantom could NOT figure out what this goat was!

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