Sunday, August 17, 2008

a Puppy Reunion

The Breeders who sold us our Phantom had a ONE YEAR REUNION for the A-Litter. Five of the Seven Puppies came to share in the fun. They couldn't bring the Mom because she just had her second litter and was home with her 3-week old puppies!! They did bring their new puppy, Happy (no relation), who Phantom LOVED playing with. He had no interest in his brothers or sister, but he sure did like that 7-month old Happy puppy. We ate at a restaurant and then walked to a filed so the puppies could play for a little while. We are the only American buyers, but some of the owners spoke English, so we were able to communicate. I know these pictures can not even begin to show you the cuteness of the day! But I think you can see that Phantom isn't the biggest dog, and how much they all look alike. Phantom sure did look the leanest and strongest, probably from all those 5-mile runs with Rob. Here is Phantom and Happy
Here are the 5 puppies at their owners feet.
This is when Phantom first met his older brother, LOOK, they're hugging hello!!

Her is the mass playing in the field. Phantom is the only one with a blue collar, on the left hand side.

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