Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Puppysitting for Tango

Our friend's from church let us watch their 3-year old miniature schnauzer while they went out of town for a weekend. We had such a good time, they're going to let him come back for a week to play while they take a family vacation. Tango is a sweet puppy and he and Phantom got along very well. Here are a couple of our favorite shots from the weekend. In our class room they are sharing Phantom's favorite Pooh blanket which sits looking out the patio to our backyard. Suddenly a cow moo's and they both look up as if to say, "WHAT was that?"Apparently it wasn't much of anything because within the next minute they're both back asleep
Sharing a couch. When they got too hot next to each other they both got down and one went on one recliner and the other puppy hopped on the one facing it.Begging for food
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