Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Phantom

Our little howler, barky, super-excitable puppy is a year old today. We love this little dog more than we can say. He is a super pet, and really loves us.
He likes to go running with Rob, bark at the cows in our backyard, play football (soccer) with the kids, bark at the neighbors, sleep curled up in a ball on mom and dad's bed, bark at other dogs, eat junk off the floor, bark for no reason at all, whine at the door to go outside, and (did we mention) he likes to bark?
A couple weeks ago he got really sick. He had a really nasty bacterial infection. All is well now, but it was pretty serious there for a couple of days and we were very worried about him. Other than that his life is pretty uneventful - just spoiled, spoiled, spoiled...
pictures will be added soon.
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