Sunday, July 20, 2008

another Farewell

The Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church and his wife, Gertie, are moving after being here in Germany for 15 years.
This summer has been a huge transition for us as a family, and for our church. So many families PCS'd. This move was just another in a season of sadness.
My friend Melody and I (she was the brainchild, I was just the worker-bee) put together a scrapbook for Pastor and Gertie. We collected letters and pictures from many of the families who have attended Trinity Reformed Church while stationed in Germany as well as several significant people in their lives. It was a huge job to track down all these people, get letters and pictures from them, and put the book together!! It tuned out so beautifully and I know they will treasure it for years to come. We presented it to them at a banquet that was held in their honor on Friday July 18th.
Today was their last Sunday at church. Pastor preached his last sermon as senior pastor here, and then they cam to our house for the evening Bible study. It was a very emotional time as we are all sad to say goodbye to this wonderful couple.
We are excited to send them off to their new adventure, even though it means they have to leave here. Pastor plans to head up a committee for the Southeast Alabama Presbytery to expand PCA reformed ministry in the military communities. Being a retired Chaplin himself and having lived, served, and shepherded in a transient overseas military for 15 years it is a cause that is close to his heart.
With their leaving on Monday, I think we are done with the PCS'ing for this season at least!
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