Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Puppysitting for Tango

Our friend's from church let us watch their 3-year old miniature schnauzer while they went out of town for a weekend. We had such a good time, they're going to let him come back for a week to play while they take a family vacation. Tango is a sweet puppy and he and Phantom got along very well. Here are a couple of our favorite shots from the weekend. In our class room they are sharing Phantom's favorite Pooh blanket which sits looking out the patio to our backyard. Suddenly a cow moo's and they both look up as if to say, "WHAT was that?"Apparently it wasn't much of anything because within the next minute they're both back asleep
Sharing a couch. When they got too hot next to each other they both got down and one went on one recliner and the other puppy hopped on the one facing it.Begging for food

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Something that made us laugh

Context: Rob was talking about watching a documentary he had rented on Ben Franklin.
Sarah asked, "It's not cartoon is it? Because we had to watch this video series at school with a cartoon Ben Franklin and his friend the mouse"
I said, "No it is not a cartoon, and Ben Franklin didn't have a friend mouse that talked to him. That is historically inaccurate"
Rob said, "It was a raccoon"

Rob can be so funny.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Shocking lack of photographs

Have you noticed that there is a surprising lack of photo's on my blog lately? My little Sony Cybershot just isn't making the cut anymore. It usually happened that every where we went there was someone with a camera who would grab some pictures for me. But now with all the PCS'ing, I find myself with no pictures and no decent camera.

It was very, very hard to part with all this $$ at once, but we have decided to PLUNGE into the world of the all mighty SLR digital processor cameras.

Meet the new boss.
You'll be able to tell when it finally arrives, as i am sure this blog will be BURSTING with brilliant photographs!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

another Farewell

The Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church and his wife, Gertie, are moving after being here in Germany for 15 years.
This summer has been a huge transition for us as a family, and for our church. So many families PCS'd. This move was just another in a season of sadness.
My friend Melody and I (she was the brainchild, I was just the worker-bee) put together a scrapbook for Pastor and Gertie. We collected letters and pictures from many of the families who have attended Trinity Reformed Church while stationed in Germany as well as several significant people in their lives. It was a huge job to track down all these people, get letters and pictures from them, and put the book together!! It tuned out so beautifully and I know they will treasure it for years to come. We presented it to them at a banquet that was held in their honor on Friday July 18th.
Today was their last Sunday at church. Pastor preached his last sermon as senior pastor here, and then they cam to our house for the evening Bible study. It was a very emotional time as we are all sad to say goodbye to this wonderful couple.
We are excited to send them off to their new adventure, even though it means they have to leave here. Pastor plans to head up a committee for the Southeast Alabama Presbytery to expand PCA reformed ministry in the military communities. Being a retired Chaplin himself and having lived, served, and shepherded in a transient overseas military for 15 years it is a cause that is close to his heart.
With their leaving on Monday, I think we are done with the PCS'ing for this season at least!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Phantom

Our little howler, barky, super-excitable puppy is a year old today. We love this little dog more than we can say. He is a super pet, and really loves us.
He likes to go running with Rob, bark at the cows in our backyard, play football (soccer) with the kids, bark at the neighbors, sleep curled up in a ball on mom and dad's bed, bark at other dogs, eat junk off the floor, bark for no reason at all, whine at the door to go outside, and (did we mention) he likes to bark?
A couple weeks ago he got really sick. He had a really nasty bacterial infection. All is well now, but it was pretty serious there for a couple of days and we were very worried about him. Other than that his life is pretty uneventful - just spoiled, spoiled, spoiled...
pictures will be added soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Day of School

Our first day of school was today! We had planned to start on Monday, but I got SICK! I had some sort of really nasty virus with a high fever. I spent Monday and Tuesday in bed - and even though I am not 100% we are starting school today.
We like to start school in July because that way we get a good 6 weeks or so in before all the fall activities start. We will be well into a rhythm and routine so that adding extra stuff won't seem as overwhelming. Starting this early also allows us to take plenty of breaks in the fall (like when my Mommy visits in Septmeber!!) and still be done by Memorial Day weekend next year.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things that make me happy

We're starting school on Monday. That means a trip to my very favorite aisle in the BX. I love office supplies. I don't know why. I also really, really, really love pens. I am partial to uni-ball and sharpie, but when I saw these Bics, baby, I couldn't resist. I'm so happy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Surprise SleepOver

Sarah has been a little sad with the moving of some of her good friends, and the emotional weight of being worried about her dance instructor. Her Dad and I thought we'd surprise her with a sleep over on Saturday night with 3 of her best friends. This helped remind her of the good friends she still has in the area. It was a great time with lots of laughs and treats. I think it went a long way to helping bring Sarah's spirits up.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Hope your 4th of July was GREAT! We spent the afternoon hanging out at a friends backyard BBQ with a lot of our church family. There was good food, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and lots of dogs!. If you want to see all my pictures just join Facebook and add me as your friend.