Monday, June 2, 2008

I have a funny story to blog. Which may or may not sway popular opinion as to my mother-of-the-year status, but in order to tell the story I have to tell the nasty truth: I never take my kids in for check-up's. It's not that we completely eschew conventional medicine, (they have been seen for things like Sarah's ear infection and Micah's pneumonia) - I just never do the check up thing. So, I keep filling out these forms for their sports and activities saying their "annual" physical is all up to date, shots up to date, and so forth.... but it's been 3 years since they had a physical and that was only because we had just moved here and they didn't require a sports physical, I could just go on the paper that said we were all okay to move here.
So, I made the appointments for last week, took them in, got the evil eye for refusing certain vaccines.... and the whole 9-yards..... so here's the funny part with my boys.... I don't set much standard by these statistics, but I still find it amusing.
Micah is in the 25th percentile for his weight, but doesn't even register on the height chart. They put him in the 10th percentile to have something to fill in their little box, but really he didn't even make it onto the chart. Noah is in the 50th percentile for height, but couldn't even make it on the page for weight. (Are you feeding him enough?, it was the nasty WIC people all over again) She showed me with a hook in her brow., "Here is the bottom 10 percentile, here is Noah", and her pencil traveled to the bottom of the page. Too funny.
Sarah is BEYOND thrilled that she was officially 60" at her check-up, and she ran around telling EVERYONE that would listen, "I made 5 Feet! I made 5 feet!"
We haven't been to a dentist in 2 years either because it's so hard to get appointments on this base! But, rest assured we are going next week.
And before you take my mother-of-the-year award away I would just like to say in my defense that I did do something totally fun and spontaneous on Saturday. I had the kids in the van and we were on-base running errands, and we had a lot of errands to do! We drove by the base movie theater after getting gas and Sarah noticed that Prince Caspian was playing (we haven't seen it yet). It had started 1 minute ago, so I pulled over we ran into the theater and only missed the first few minutes. My kids were so caught off guard and after leaving the theater Micah told me that I was pretty cool.
I rest my case, gimmie back my crown.
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