Friday, May 2, 2008

Sound of Music Tour

We were able to catch a 4 hour "Sound of Music" tour since we got to Salzburg nice and early on Friday. It was a lovely tour! Here are a few picturesOur first stop took us to this pretty lake. On this lake sits the mansion that was used in the movie as the back of the house, along this lake is also the path where Maria and the kids were filmed singing the do-re-mi song on their bikes.
Sarah and I walking along the pathFor the film this gazeboo actually sat on the above pictured lake and mansion. but because the mansion is privately owned they had a gazeboo moved to a nearby public park so tourists could actually visit it. The gazeboo is locked so you can not actually go inside it.They stopped the bus and let us get out for this pretty photo opportunity, but it didn't really have anything to do with the movie.
This is the church where the wedding scenes were filmed. The BAron and Maria were actually married in the Abby where she was a novice, but you can not film in an Abby. I took this picture looking down the village street that the church is located on. We stayed in this village for about an hour and had a chance to walk around We had a chance to get a coffee and some apple strudel in the "church" village.Our last stop was at some gardens where the children were filmed running and singing around the fountain and on the steps. It was a FUN tour, and a really neat expierience!
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