Sunday, May 4, 2008

Salzburg, Austria

Here are a few random pictures from the weekend trip to Salzburg, Austria. Sarah and I went down there so Sarah could compete in her first Irish Dance feis. You can check out her blog for a detailed post on all things feising, and some great pictures of her in her costume. We went down there with one of Sarah's closest friends and her mom. They were so kind to show us the ropes and help us figure out the wonderful world of feising. We got there on Friday and we were able to do a little site seeing since it was so early.
We stayed at the best western in the "new" side of town. We were about a 20 minute walk from the heart of the "old" side of town.
Ice Cream with Mozart on Friday.On Friday night we found the Dubliner Irish Pub and Mom tried a Guiness!! We LOVED the Fish n' Chips here so much we came back on Saturday night after the feis and ate here again (although no more Guiness). The best Fish n' Chips in Austria!
This was taken Friday night at the Pub. The girls were getting excited about the feis and were showing off their 2-hand in the pub.
This picture was taken in the Pub on Saturday night AFTER the feis. Sarah was exhausted. She felt better after some Fish n' Chips and A LOT of water.On our walk back to the hotel Saturday night after dinner at the Pub we stopped to get some more ice cream. This time with Einstein. Our walk back to the hotel takes us right along the Salz river that divides the new part of town from the old. In this picture you can see the fortress up on the hill. Right below the fortrss (hidden by that blue dome in this picture) is the Abby where Maria was a novice, and the church where the Baron and MAria Von Trapp were married! Along the river looking out to the historic "old" sideAll loaded down, checking out of the hotel.The train ride home seemed longer than the ride there. The girls ran out of batteries in all their favorite "toys" and were soon BORED! They were very, very silly.Trying to kill some time on the train.
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