Friday, May 16, 2008

Gymnastics and Swimming

End of May / beginning of June is always a CRAZY time around our house.. lots of end of the year performances and recitals, many "lasts" with coaches, instructors, teachers and friends as the transitive community we live in takes its toll with the high PSC season in full swing. This particular Friday was the end of the year gymnastics meet for the homeschool classes. This was Noah's second year in gymnastics and Micah's first. After the meet it was straight to the pool for our normal Friday swim lessons. I have 2 videos of the gymnastics meet (try not to be too impressed with Micah's carwheels), and one of Micah during his swim lessons.

I had to include this video of Micah's swim lesson. He has "taken off" in the pool and his self confidence has sky rocketed. He is swimming across the deep end of the little pool, this is a good half foot / foot over his head in the deepest part! Pretty impressive Micah!

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