Saturday, May 31, 2008

Youth Center Dance Recital

The youth center at Ramstein had an end-of-the-year dance recital for all the different dance classes taught there. Sarah's class performed and looked GREAT! I hope you can pick her out in the video... and I would just like to mention that her hair is NOT A WIG! That is the natural curl that her hair is developing! Unbelievable!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holly's piano studio's performance

Noah's beloved piano teacher, Mrs. "J" is moving this summer. She has truly been an inspiration and encouragement to Noah, not to mention recognizing his talent and pushing him and instructing him to bring out the very best in his playing. All of her students will miss her tremendously. They each performed a couple of their best pieces at an end-of-the-year recital up at Burg Lichtenburg castle. The picture with all the kids is most of her studio, all who came to perform. Enjoy the video of Noah's performance. We're very proud.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dairy Farm Field Trip

A trip to a local dairy farm was a fun Tuesday field trip for us. At the end of the field trip we got to sample some of her home made ice cream - WHAT A TREAT!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Trip to Kurpfalz-Park

Here is the entrance to Kurpfalz-Park. It is only about an hour drive from our house. We drove there with some other families to spend Memorial Day. The Park has lots of attractions, and I thought my Internet Explorer was going to start screaming, "NO MORE! NO MORE!" in protest as I was uploading all these pictures! One of the first things we did was head to the BIRD SHOW. While we were waiting for the show to start we had some lunch. The bird show was quite cool, even though it was all in German. They had the birds fly back and forth over the crowd so close that many of us had wings touch the top of our head. Jenna got to go up and help!The Park had 3 HUGE play grounds. The kids would never be bored!! The Rodelbahn was probably the most popular attraction. It is like a Bobsled, only on wheels and no ice. Ania thought the little cart would stop by itself once it came in the station, so she came screaming in with out applying thee brake. The German attendant was screaming STOP at her. At the very end of the day when we were taking our last couple of runs on the slide Jenna got hurt and had to go to Landstuhl for some stitches. The swan boats and the bumper boats were very fun also. Since the park was not crowded at all and there was no line for these attractions we got extra long turns. I have no bumper boat pictures and I am hoping someone else who was there with a camera will share with me. The slides were probably where we spent the most time. You can see, to the left of Rob, in the first picture the BIG slide. It is in a large tunnel and is almost a straight drop down. It is pretty freaky. it took Sarah all day to work up the courage to go down it. Finally, with her closest friends on either side of her, she took the plunge! After taking a moment to recover she got up and went down about 20 more times! We all had ice cream while waiting for the next train ride. The train took us around the entire park so we could see all the animals. Although we took the train in the middle of the afternoon, so all the animals were hiding from the sun and we didn't really get to see much of anything. It was still a fun ride. The park was a great time, although a little too expensive to frequent. It was worthwhile because of all the friends we had surrounding us to share in all the experiences.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Today the kids and I finished up their last day of school. I wanted to take pictures of them ripping up their empty test books or taking their final exams, but the camera was in Daddy's car at work. So I waited until we all went to a backyard barbacue birthday party this evening to snap a shot of them.
The kids have done well this year. Sarah is THRIVING with the DVD program we are doing with her. She has achieved good grades all throughout this 7th grade year, and more importantly to us, her character is without reproach. She is also retaining the information she is learning so all the A's she earns aren't just "empty" (even in her least favorite subject, Science). Finishing up 3rd grade with Noah, he still has some academic areas that need work. Memorizing those multiplication and division tables, and not being so afraid of long division. His reading is great, and his grammar is perfect. He is a sweet young man, and is a very musically talented. He will sometimes practice his piano for 2 or 3 hours and I will need to PULL him away to do his "real" school. Micah was working on mostly pre-K fun sheets that are way too easy for him. He will start "formal" Kindergarten in the fall, and so this was just a lot of phonics and reading to him. Which he loves.
As the 2007/2008 school year ends for our little Clover Academy we wish you a very safe. happy, and blessed summer!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last year I put a really cool anniversary post on this blog. It's pretty hard to top, so I just refer you back to it for this special day.

The love has grown, but free time has lessened so you must forgive the lack of new creativity.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Gymnastics and Swimming

End of May / beginning of June is always a CRAZY time around our house.. lots of end of the year performances and recitals, many "lasts" with coaches, instructors, teachers and friends as the transitive community we live in takes its toll with the high PSC season in full swing. This particular Friday was the end of the year gymnastics meet for the homeschool classes. This was Noah's second year in gymnastics and Micah's first. After the meet it was straight to the pool for our normal Friday swim lessons. I have 2 videos of the gymnastics meet (try not to be too impressed with Micah's carwheels), and one of Micah during his swim lessons.

I had to include this video of Micah's swim lesson. He has "taken off" in the pool and his self confidence has sky rocketed. He is swimming across the deep end of the little pool, this is a good half foot / foot over his head in the deepest part! Pretty impressive Micah!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dinosaur Day Trip

This weeks Trinity Tuesday Trip was to the Dino Park in K-town. It was a beautiful sunny day and a good time was had by all. The kids enjoyed splashing in the cold lake, catching fish and tadpoles, and building dams in the streams. There is also sand and playgrounds. The little ones liked the sand, and the 8-11 year old boys all had sticks and enjoyed playing on the playgrounds looking very "Lord of the Flies". We had a picnic lunch and then ice cream, the picture shows almost all the kids there eating their ice cream! What a crowd!