Friday, April 11, 2008


So as you already know (if you are an AVID reader of my blog, which I know you all are) we go swimming every Friday. We usually go to the closest pool to where we live. The kids take lessons there, we meet up with a few other home school families and spend the day hanging out.
This particular day we decided to make it a little different and more fun! The schools were off for spring break, the Dad's were off work for a family day - and there were no lessons scheduled either because of the break. This made it possible to go to one of our favorite pools within a decent amount of driving time, the "Monte Mare". It has really cool slides, 2 big indoor pools with lots of fun bells and whistles. It also doubled as a birthday party as one of our very favorite little men, Eamon McQ, was turning NINE! After celebrating at the pool we headed over to the party house for yummy burgers on the grill and excellent home-made cake, courtesy of our budding chef, Rylan.

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