Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sarah turns 13

A birthday party, in the traditional sense, was out of the question for Sarah this year. With Rob away, swim lessons, a dance class, and the sheer number of "best" friends that girl has we had to be a little more creative. We invited a ton of families to just hang out with us for the day as we accomplished all our activities. First up: swimming lessons for the boys at the local pool - so Sarah and her friends got to hang out and swim for a few hours. Then, Sarah had to go to her dance lesson - so her friends hung out for a while longer at the pool while she went to her lesson. Then we all headed for the food court on base. After everyone ate and Sarah joined us when her class ended we sang happy birthday to her and passed out cupcakes. Then we all headed across the street to the base movie theater to see Nim's Island. After the movie the teen girls came back to our house for a sleep over. It was a very FUN day and Sarah really enjoyed herself, and I think all her friends did too. We are so thankful for all the families over here who mean so much to us and that were willing to just spend the day hanging out with us to celebrate with us as Sarah became and OFFICIAL teenager.These are 2 pictures from the food court. It so fun to take over an entire section and sing so the whole building heard us.Here is the row of girls going to see the movieBreakfast on Saturday morning before any of the girls were picked up.
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