Friday, April 18, 2008

Boys will be Boys

The boys have been wearing the same swim suits since we moved here. I bought them at the Oshkosh outlet store in Odessa, MO right before we moved to Germany. That was more than 3 years ago now. The suits were still in good condition, but finally starting to get a little tight. So here are the boys in their new Land's End suits.... and look, they actually don't match!! Well, not exactly! Noah during his swim lessons. You can see the pony tail he has to wear during his lessons or he can not see (No, I still don't think he needs a haircut)
There were lots of families at the pool after his lesson was over because of Sarah's birthday. Here are a bunch of boys rough housing in the water, at the top of this picture you can see Micah kinda hanging out... he's more of an action observer.

This is Noah's friend Eamon. They are good buddies and about 6 months apart in age. Every Friday when we have lessons together the boys wear these shirts that they own that match.
Micah's friend Janaya. Janya's older sister is good friends with Sarah.
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