Monday, April 28, 2008

The Boys playing around before gymnastics - they were so cute climbing this "volcano" I just had to post it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

London calling, yeah, I was there too

Rob went TDY to England for some training. He was gone 12 days, so the weekend his class was there they took a bus tour around London. He saw lots of stuff from the bus, and a few times they got off to look at different things. His favorite part was getting to walk across the cross walk out in front of Abby Road studios. The picture turned out waaaayyy out of focus, but it can be seen below amongst some of the other shots taken during his stay in the UK.

Rob went TDY to London

Saturday, April 19, 2008

WARNING: This is what will happen if you leave your teen alone in the car with a digital camera while you take her brothers into the store to buy eggs.


Sarah turns 13

A birthday party, in the traditional sense, was out of the question for Sarah this year. With Rob away, swim lessons, a dance class, and the sheer number of "best" friends that girl has we had to be a little more creative. We invited a ton of families to just hang out with us for the day as we accomplished all our activities. First up: swimming lessons for the boys at the local pool - so Sarah and her friends got to hang out and swim for a few hours. Then, Sarah had to go to her dance lesson - so her friends hung out for a while longer at the pool while she went to her lesson. Then we all headed for the food court on base. After everyone ate and Sarah joined us when her class ended we sang happy birthday to her and passed out cupcakes. Then we all headed across the street to the base movie theater to see Nim's Island. After the movie the teen girls came back to our house for a sleep over. It was a very FUN day and Sarah really enjoyed herself, and I think all her friends did too. We are so thankful for all the families over here who mean so much to us and that were willing to just spend the day hanging out with us to celebrate with us as Sarah became and OFFICIAL teenager.These are 2 pictures from the food court. It so fun to take over an entire section and sing so the whole building heard us.Here is the row of girls going to see the movieBreakfast on Saturday morning before any of the girls were picked up.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Boys will be Boys

The boys have been wearing the same swim suits since we moved here. I bought them at the Oshkosh outlet store in Odessa, MO right before we moved to Germany. That was more than 3 years ago now. The suits were still in good condition, but finally starting to get a little tight. So here are the boys in their new Land's End suits.... and look, they actually don't match!! Well, not exactly! Noah during his swim lessons. You can see the pony tail he has to wear during his lessons or he can not see (No, I still don't think he needs a haircut)
There were lots of families at the pool after his lesson was over because of Sarah's birthday. Here are a bunch of boys rough housing in the water, at the top of this picture you can see Micah kinda hanging out... he's more of an action observer.

This is Noah's friend Eamon. They are good buddies and about 6 months apart in age. Every Friday when we have lessons together the boys wear these shirts that they own that match.
Micah's friend Janaya. Janya's older sister is good friends with Sarah.

Friday, April 11, 2008


So as you already know (if you are an AVID reader of my blog, which I know you all are) we go swimming every Friday. We usually go to the closest pool to where we live. The kids take lessons there, we meet up with a few other home school families and spend the day hanging out.
This particular day we decided to make it a little different and more fun! The schools were off for spring break, the Dad's were off work for a family day - and there were no lessons scheduled either because of the break. This made it possible to go to one of our favorite pools within a decent amount of driving time, the "Monte Mare". It has really cool slides, 2 big indoor pools with lots of fun bells and whistles. It also doubled as a birthday party as one of our very favorite little men, Eamon McQ, was turning NINE! After celebrating at the pool we headed over to the party house for yummy burgers on the grill and excellent home-made cake, courtesy of our budding chef, Rylan.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Noah playing piano

At Noah's regular Thursday piano lesson I took 2 videos of Noah practicing. These are a couple of pieces he is working on for his recital the first week in June. They aren't perfect yet, but he is getting good at them, AND he is playing them 100% from memory.

No, I don't think he needs a haircut

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

another pie class

Another Tuesday with no co-op, and another succesful pie making class! Beautiful Apple Pie with a perfectly flakey crust.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Do Not Attempt to Adjust

The Date On These Pictures....That's RIGHT! We woke up this morning, to more snow than we saw all winter! Big fluffy white flakes!!

This is right up the hill less than 1/2 a kilometer outside our village. The other picture are some of my favorite spring sights, forsythia and cherry blossoms, although not so much with all the snow on them!