Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What to do on a home school snow day

Today we woke up to SNOW!! It was falling pretty heavily all morning long. On Tuesday afternoons we attend a home school coop where the kids attend different classes taught by other home school Moms (and Dad!), but it was called off because of the weather. We were still doing our morning home-school work when we got the cancellation call (no snow days for home schoolers, you're already at school!) and after hearing the news Sarah got up from her computer and walked away. I called her back and her eyes were streaming with tears...... after being sick herself and having a very sick little brother she has had to stay home for a lot of days in a row and was so looking forward to seeing her friends today at co-op. The day soon took a turn for the better, though, and all was forgotten by late afternoon - just read on. Here is our backyard when the wind was whipping and the snow was falling.As soon as we finished school and lunch we bundled up and headed outside. On the side of our house we have a hill and the kids had fun sledding down it again and again. We had to be careful at the bottom of the hill though because at the edge of our yard it drops off down the farmers cow field with an electric fence.
Here you can see the hill on the side of our house - Noah is on his turn. It got pretty muddy after only a few passes. It was a very wet and heavy snow - and it wasn't bitter cold so there was a lot of slush too. That made shoveling our little part of the sidewalk a "fun" task, but Sarah took it on with a happy heart and Phantom chased the shovel.
While Sarah was busy shoveling Noah made himself quite the nice sized snowman. It was pretty big, and quite the chore to lift those big snow boulders!More sledding! Phantom would wait at the bottom of the hill then ATTACK whoever happaned to come down on the sled, so Sarah decided that Phantom needed a sled ride... he didn't think that was the greatest, but he promptly jumped off the sled and began attacking Sarah just the same.

Today was the first day Micah woke up without a fever (that's 11 days in a row with a fever in case anyone is keeping track) The antiboidics he is on must finally be kicking in! So, his playtime was limited. He was done after about 20 minutes, so I had to snap this picture before he came in for the day.After some play time in the snow, we came in and peeled off all the wet coats and outerwear, put on some dry socks and headed over to our friends who live close by. They also do the co-op and awe thought we'd spend our snow day together since we had a free afternoon. The oldest boy, Rylan, had just had his eyes dilated that morning, so he was still in his very cool shades. I called him "Mr. Charles". His vision impairment didn't stop him from making us all some very yummy chocolate chip cookies! We made hot chocolate and cappuccinos and drank that with warm and gooey cookies straight from the oven!

Here is a fun little guessing game you can play... Which of these kids was very sick this past week and has no smiles to share? Which one had an accident involving a collision with a wooden desk and still looks a little beat-up? And which poor soul just had their eyes dilated and therefore is ALL PUPIL?So, what do you do on a snow day when the hot chocolate has been drunk and the cookies are all gone? Watch silly videos on you tube and play games of course!! HAPPY SNOW!
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