Sunday, March 23, 2008

He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed

We woke up Easter morning to snowy skies and very cold temperatures. We jokingly greeted each other with "Merry Christmas" at church the weather was so unlike spring. After a wonderful Resurrection Day Sermon, the skies were blue and the weather a little warmer. We spent the afternoon with a few of the great families from our church fellowshipping, singing hymns and playing around. We love sharing the confetti eggs that Grandma Ann always send us from the states. The kids had a great time smashing them over each others heads. We headed home after Noah started looking a little pekid. He is now in bed with 103.5 fever.

Having a SMASHING good time!!

Here are (most of) the kids we had at lunch today. You can still see bits of confetti in some of their hair. Be sure to check out Sarah's blog to see pictures of the Dress SHE made (with her sewing instructors help) for Easter.
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