Thursday, February 7, 2008

Long Time No Post

It can not already be February! WOW! WHERE does the time go? Nothing Earth shattering to report here - but lots of crazy little stuff that fills our days and keeps us on the go every afternoon! I thought I would write a "Days of the Week" post and fill you in on all we've been doing.
Sundays: ALL CHURCH, ALL THE TIME! We love attending Trinity Reformed Church. We attend church in the morning, usually have something going on for lunch, and then "night church" held in our friend's home. It has taken us (ME) a while to plan for a day of worship and fellowship. In the winter it is a lot easier because we do not GO GO GO on Saturdays as much, and we usually stay around the house and catch up on all the un-done stuff then.
Mondays: Monday is our slowest day, and it is nice to start the week this way. It is nice to start our school week on a day when we can finish school. The boys have a home-school gymnastics class that they attend on the Air Base. Sarah has NOTHING (I know, you're amazed!) Monday nights are Mom and Dad's date night, but Mom and Dad need to get better about keeping that commitment and not letting our one slow day become committed as well.
Tuesday: Is co-op day. Our LARGE home school group sponsors a Co-op class on Tuesday afternoons. We meet at a church (fairly) close by and the kids attend classes taught by other home school Moms. This session Sarah is taking a "Breaking Strong holds: Answers in Genesis" class, and "No-Fear Shakespeare". Right now they are watching Henry IV. Noah is taking a "Kid's Write" class and a science class, "Flying creatures of the 5th day", below is a picture of Noah working on his glider homework with his Dad. Micah is in some fun pre K / Kindergarten classes. One of them (co-taught by ME) is all about messy crafts. Here is a picture of him PAINTING with pudding. Wednesday: Noah has cub scouts, Sarah has Irish Dance and Choir practice (every other week). On the weeks we do not have choir, our church shares a meal and a Bible study. Wednesdays are Loooong with all the driving around - it is especially a long afternoon for Micah who is in the car driving from pillar to post for 2 close to 3 hours. He bears it well, and that could just be that with his older siblings in activities he gets to sit in the car and play their Nintendo DS's (hand held gaming system)
Thursday: Noah has piano lessons and Sarah has an Irish Dance class. This next weekend Sarah is competing in her first Irish Dance feis (pronounced fesch). She has been working hard and is terribly excited. Noah will be competing in a piano festival on March 1st. He is playing exceptionally well and has been practicing hard his 2 pieces for the big day.
Friday: SWIMMING lessons! Friday is a fun day. We have swimming lessons, but usually stretch our time at the pool for hours and hours. There's usually a few other home schooling families there and we all visit and laugh to finish the school week. It has become our favorite day to look forward to. Miscellaneous things we have been up to: Sarah working on her Science project. She is trying to determine if birds can see color, and if so what color they prefer.Going to a Mall (YES A MALL!) about 45 minutes away (Manheim) with some friends on a day off. I found these GREAT shirts for the boys at H&M.
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