Thursday, February 28, 2008


Okay, so I usually NEVER post without a picture... but this is just one of those moments.....
We get up this morning and are sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast (Sarah, Noah, and me). I am sipping my coffee glancing around and notice the empty butter dish... and I am just waking up and thinking, ummmmm that is strange I could have sworn I washed the butter dish and put a fresh stick on there last night when I was cleaning up the kitchen....
Then it dawns on me.
He ate the entire stick of butter - I was sure of it. About an hour later we had our conformation; luckily the "conformation" made it outside on the lawn and not all over the living room.
Mischievous puppy.

**Micah update:
On another note - thank you all who have been so faithfully praying for Micah. Lots of you also called to check in with me and it means so much to us. He is slowly improving. He is very weak, pale, and has lost about 3 pounds. He ate a little today and actually got up and played with his brother for a little while. By supper time he was spent and fell asleep by 7:00 PM. I am hoping he sleeps through the night again (last night was the first time since Friday) because that seemed to have worked wonders!
We have been bleaching down everything, washing bedding, towels, and basically santizing anything that Micah even looked at so hopefully the rest of us will be able to fight off or avoid this nasty little virus.
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