Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Academic Fair

Sarah has been working on a Science Project for the past couple of months. First, she did a research paper on local woodland birds, and then came up with a project to answer her question, "Can birds see color, and if so what color do they prefer?". She did a great job putting her whole project together and was excited to submit it to our local home-school group's academic fair (then about 2 months away).... until......
She set up her whole experiment in the yard. The experiment all hinged on birds from our area to come and sample the bird seed on different colored poster boards. We waited, and waited, and waited..... days went by. and 0 birds came.
So then the day before the academic fair came and Sarah did NOT want to bring her project that she had worked so hard on. Until our dear friend Julie (a Dr. by trade, now staying home to home-school her 2 daughters) the coordinator of the academic fair talked to Sarah with some very encouraging remarks on how important it is to FAIL at experiments. If you succeeded at every experiment the first time it wouldn't take 5 years to earn a PhD, Julie reasoned.
SO, Sarah got her display board together and off we went to the academic fair. We are so proud of Sarah and she earned an "A" on her project and her research paper. Here is her conclusion as written on her display board and some pictures of her at the fair:

"I am still not sure if birds can see color or not yet, but I think they do know I own a small black dog. I am going to do this experiment again very soon and change the variable just a little bit top see if it will work better. The experiment did not work and I am still wondering if birds can see color."
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